Red Berry and Cedar Garland Christmas Front Porch

It’s the one time of year I wish for a good snowstorm, and Michigan really let me down this week. I always love a nice sprinkling of snow for my Christmas front porch photos, but alas it wasn’t meant to be this year. I’m sure I’ve just jinxed myself, and the rest of West Michigan, sorry locals! A blizzard will probably be forthcoming now that I put it out there into the blogosphere.

House decorated for Christmas front porch with red plaid pillows and cedar garland

So imagine a dusting of snow in all these photos. Also, imagine my red Merry Christmas welcome mat that I couldn’t locate anywhere. The Mr. is pleading his innocence, but I suspect it got tossed in the “great garage purge of 2020”. I ordered another one but it’s back-ordered.

Front porch decorated for Christmas with cedar garland and red winter berries.

Also, let’s applaud Charlie’s photobombing efforts as usual. ;)

Dark grey home with decorated front porch with red and green Christmas decor.

I kept things pretty simple again this year. I start with a faux garland around our front door and add in cedar clippings from a local nursery. I attach the garland using 5 little white nails that I keep in the trim year-round. Then I use floral wire to attach the garland. I shared some video of this on my Instagram stories and saved it to my highlights if you are looking for tips.

Cedar wreath with red berries on white front door.

My wreath is from Balsam Hill, and I added in the cedar clippings there too. I wired some faux red berries for a pop of red. These were from a local nursery (Flowerland for you locals) and it’s important to note that they are weatherproof faux berries. You don’t want to use regular ones as the color may run when wet.

Christmas front porch decor. Gray house with evergreen trees and cedar garland.

My planters have the same little dwarf spruces, I bought 2 years ago now? I keep them watered until it freezes, and they have been doing great. The one on the right got a little dry this summer, but I’m hoping to nurse it back to health. It is perhaps strategically placed with its brown dead spot facing the door there…I always get questions about these planters. I found them in my parent’s barn and “borrowed” them a few years back, so I don’t have a link for you, but thanks, mom!

Cedar and red winter berries in window boxes.

My window boxes are also feeling festive even though they are missing that magic dusting of snow. Again, I start with a faux garland in my boxes to give them extra fullness. Then I add in clippings and branches from my yard.

Cedar and red winter berries in window boxes.

Why do I feel like someone is watching me??

Cedar and red winter berries in window boxes.

I added a pop of red here too. Oh, and how could I forget my fun Christmas pillows? If you’ve been following a while, you will remember these are big body pillows I use as oversized lumbar pillows. I switch out the covers for the seasons. I decided to go with this fun classic red plaid I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics. Sewing is not my strong suit (if you follow me on Instagram you may recall my measuring mishap with this fabric). I cheated and used Stich Witchery this time. Which come to think of it, ironing is not amongst my top talents either but I made it work…just don’t look too close.

Cedar garland red berries decorate a gray house front porch for Christmas.

There you have it my Red Berry and Cedar Garland Christmas Front Porch – I’ll be sure to snap a photo if and when the snow arrives!

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  1. I love the simplicity of your decor!! So pretty. I bought a cedar for the planter (looks like yours, only it’s recycled rubber) that I got for Christmas… I was told that they will only last about a year without being planted in the ground. I look forward to your spring decor!

  2. It’s SO very pretty, Kelly! The greenery is perfect and I’ve always absolutely loved the pillows you put on those benches on either side of the door. They add such an unexpected but warm, cozy and friendly vibe that makes me want to bundle up and sit down there with a cup of hot cocoa loaded with marshmallows… with Charlie by my side, of course. I wish you and your lovely family a warm, wonderful December filled with lots of special memories. :)

  3. This is beautiful and I LOVE the pillows! So good of you to mention the waterproof berries. That red dye can be a real problem!

  4. The pillows look wonderful. I love Stitch Witchery. It is how all my hems are fixed, lol. I like the expanded sewing use though, perfect!

  5. I love red! It looks so cheery and festive! I love how your garland drapes around your threshold- very charming. Beautiful as always!

  6. Wouldn’t be the same without Charlie photo bombs! Love the red berries so pretty and festive ! You will have to get another shot with it snowing – you know it will sooner or later!!

  7. Perfection as usual for sure. Such wonderful ideas you share with us. How are you hanging the door wreath?? I know those hangers don’t work on some doors.

  8. Michigan may have disappointed but Kelly you did not! Beautiful! So nicely done. Merry Christmas to you & your family. As usual love seeing Charlie!!

  9. It’s perfection! I love that you added the beautiful red berries. I feel like with all the neutral trends people often forget about adding some color to life. It’s classic and timeless for the holidays. I smile every time I see Charlie in the window. As beautiful as the house is he is my highlight. ;)

  10. It looks beautiful! I love the look of your wreath with the red berries. I just made a trip up to Flowerland, per your mentioning them, and I loved looking at all their displays. Now I’ll have to make a trip back to pick up some of weatherproof faux berries. And I am thankful West Michigan hasn’t had any snow yet!

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