What’s Coming in 2019

Hey strangers! I am sort of stumbling my way into 2019 here on the blog. After 2 great weeks off with my kids on break, a week in Mexico celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary with the Mr., and a snow day this week for my kiddos – reentry into the real world has been a little rough! My phone wouldn’t even recognize my face after I worked out on Monday. It was all “oh wait, you aren’t stuffing your face with a taco or a margarita, who are you?” :) I always hit this weird creative slump in January as well. The holiday season is crazy for blogging and I feel like all the Christmas hoopla sucked the last idea out of my brain. Don’t get me wrong, there will definitely be some fun design content coming this year…I just haven’t gotten there yet.

Some of the things I’ll be working on soon –

Our living room – we are getting new furniture! I’m so excited, if you remember this blog post way back when, this couch was bought after a round of margaritas with the Mr. (lots of tequila involved into today’s post apparently). I love the size and shape and comfort factor, but I was hoping for a more linen like fabric. The thought was we would buy this for now, to eventually put in the basement while I search for my dream couch. Guys, dreams come true and it’s being delivered in February. This cozy sectional will be right at home in the basement and our basement Ikea furniture is heading to my brother’s house. So a win, win all around.

Lake House Living room blue and white decor

The basement – I’m sure this room will get a little refresh with the upstairs furniture heading down here.

Lake House family room blue and white decor

Green table – Remember the hunt for something under this table (read about it here)? I finally found it! The cute ottomans I found have spurred a little makeover of this space that I will be blogging next week-ish.

A room filled with furniture and art

Kids rooms – I helped my brother out with his 3 year old daughter’s bedroom, and I’ll be helping him with his younger daughter’s room as well. I just need to get myself over there to shoot it one of these days.

Son’s bathroom – I’m still on the hunt for wallpaper in here…

Master bath refresh – I haven’t shared our bathroom in a year and a 1/2 and I’ve made a few fun changes in here since then.

A bathroom linen cabinet

Master bedroom – Ok this room has been my everest. In our last house it was the playroom, but in this house it’s our bedroom. I just can’t seem to get it totally right in here. I’ve switched the bedding a few times and the rug, but I think it boils down to the furniture. My $15 flea market nightstands were intended to just be place holders until I found the right pieces and it’s time I tackle that. I’m on the lookout for something with drawers, because we could both use more practical storage. I’m craving cleaner lines. Stay tuned for more changes in here.

A bedroom with a wooden bed

blue and white Christmas bedroom decor

Mudroom – I totally forgot to blog this room minus this sneak peek when I blogged about the laundry room. Coming soon.

A laundry room with wallpaper

See – I’ve got ideas! I just need to make them all happen yet :)

On the non-design side of things, I plan on blogging about our Costa Rica trip and our Mexico trip. More recipes, random thoughts, parenting stuff, book recs, and clothing finds coming your way too.

Wow, I’m feeling behind now reading about all my grand plans! I hope you had a great start to the new year (possibly more productive than mine) and happy weekend!

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  1. Thank you for your reply! We’re trying to find one of the luxury vinyl planks that will most look like a wood product! If you come upon any, and get a moment, would appreciate any recommendations.


    1. Hey Cindy, I haven’t really researched LVP flooring at all so you are probably better off searching Pinterest or heading to a local store – thanks!

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Just happened upon your blog. Inspiring:)
    We’re just in the process of building an ocean front home in Oregon. I love your floors! Are they wood or one of the wood lookalikes? Although I love the look and feel of wood, we can’t use it because of the humidity here.


    1. Hey Cindy, you can find them linked on my FAQ page they are engineered wood floors we have to be careful to control the humidity in our home so I probably wouldn’t recommend them for your home if that is a struggle. Thanks!

  3. Loved the painting, and the green table is such a great match. Love this colour <3
    Even the dog's collar matches with everything in the house! Love it and love the dog, such a cutie!!

  4. I enjoy all your pictures and info. I love your basement sofa. Where was it from? If you don’t mind. The blues through out your house is so soothing.

  5. Hi! I love the milky white walls in your living room – they’re rich and creamy without going yellow. What color did you use? This is my inspiration room for our beach house renovation – love it!

  6. Hi Kelly
    I am so happy that I found your blog a few months ago. I love everything you share with us. In all your pictures where your lake can be seen…I kept thinking…I know that lake! I live in Grand Rapids Mi and have water skied on your lake so many times. What a wonderful view to wake up to every day.

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home.


  7. I’m sorta new to this site, can you tell me where you got all the bedding in the picture above with the dog on? I love it. Thanks!

  8. Kelly, where did you get your basement rug?. We recently had a basement flood so redoing it and need rug ideas.
    Thank you in advance. Love your home.

    1. Hey Barb you should be able to find it on the shop our home page on the top of the blog! It may be sold out but it was from Wayfair – thanks!

    1. There just isn’t a whole lot of DIY to be done in a brand new house unfortunately so things have become a little more design driven over here. I don’t really have any DIY ideas in the works sorry!

  9. Love your ideas. You inspired me to go light on my walls and it feels soooo much lighter now in my home. Thank you!!! Have an awesome weekend enjoy all God has for you

  10. Love reading about all of your ideas. You are very creative and a wonderful writer. So enjoy your posts.

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