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Beloved Resort Playa Mujeres Mexico Vacation

Greetings from the middle of the polar vortex! We are on snow day #5 over here, which is why you haven’t heard much from me this week. The wind chill was -40 yesterday, it has not stopped snowing, and we all have major cabin fever! What better time to reminisce about sunshine and umbrella drinks? I am by no means a travel blogger, and I didn’t take my good camera along, but I have had a few requests to share some details about our recent trips! So today I’m talking Mexico, crappy iPhone pics and all. Beloved Resort Playa Mujeres Mexico Vacation

beach view mexico palm trees

First off, I will say the Mr. gets all the credit for planning this trip! We aren’t big gift people, we like to spend our money on experiences instead. Especially as we get older and busier and our kids are busy too. Free time to spend with one another is harder to come by. So, when we talked about our 15th wedding anniversary, we knew we wanted to take a trip – just the two of us.

beach view mexico

Our big requirements were – sun, beach, and doing absolutely nothing, with a margarita or two thrown in! He researched tons of places in the Bahamas, Fiji, Hawaii – all over! In the end, Mexico is an easy direct 3-hour flight from Michigan, which meant more vacation time vs travel time and the weather is dependably gorgeous there. We are going to save the further out more exotic vacations for when we can maybe do a 10-day trip when our kids are grown and we really have time to explore.

beloved resort playa mujeres Mexico

The Mr. found this boutique hotel called the Beloved Resort. It’s in Playa Mujeres 30 minutes north of the Cancun airport. It had amazing reviews on Trip Advisor, but we asked a local travel agent for her input as well. She had nothing but positive things to say about it, so we had her book it. What we liked was that it was small. They only have 100 rooms, so it wasn’t a giant resort to hike all over with a zillion people fighting for a chair on the beach. The service was amazing and really personalized.

pool view Mexico

We booked one of their nicer rooms – a beachfront 2-story casita (we stayed in Hermosa, you can see it above overlooking the ocean and pool). These are pricier, but it was our anniversary so we splurged.

Playa Mujeres Casita Beloved Resort

Here it is lit up at night from the other side. There are only 4 rooms in each of these Casitas, so it was nice and private feeling. That whole top left section was ours. It was a large room with a balcony facing the ocean, I didn’t do a great job of taking pics on this trip (I was determined to relax and unplug), so I forgot to take a photo of the actual room. You can find room photos on their website here. The whole resort featured mostly white decor, white walls, white furniture etc…so I felt right at home ;)

The balcony was the perfect spot to have coffee in the morning.

casita balcony playa mujeres beloved resort

We also had our own private rooftop deck with a plunge pool.

roof top deck playa mujeres mexico

The views were amazing and we slept with the doors open every night to listen to the ocean waves. We also took advantage of the rooftop deck on days it was windier on the beach. It was so nice to come back to this space about 5:00 each day to pour a glass of wine and watch the ocean before we got ready for dinner. This is an all-inclusive resort, so the room was stocked with soda, wine, beer, alcohol, as well as snacks.

This is definitely the place for you if you want a super quiet, private, chill vacation. If you want lots of activities and nightlife and things to do, this is not the place, but a week of doing nothing was just what we needed!

Playa Mujeres beach chair overlooking ocean in Mexico

The beach here was beautiful and the chairs and beach beds were so comfortable. There was a bit of seaweed every morning on the beach, but they cleaned it up right away. They have a beach concierge where you stop first and they help you scope out the perfect spot to sit, set your chairs up with towels and water, and let the beach waiter know you are there.

beach vacation playa mujeres

This is where I really excelled at vacationing and where I spent most of my week :). The Mr. decided to be all healthy and run every morning while I held down the beach for us. He did 35 miles that week, and I read 7 books – to each his own! The service on the beach was great – they brought around cold towels and kept us supplied with mimosas and margaritas. They also serve a different lunch on the beach every day. The ceviche day was my favorite, but the fajitas were fantastic too!

beach cabana beloved hotel and resort Mexico

The last 3 days we rented this little cabana it was $50 for 3 days and it was nice, because it had cabinets to put your stuff in, more shade, and you could order snacks and lunch as well.

playa mujeres beloved resort pool

They did have kayaks, and catamarans for use on the beach if you are looking for more activity and jet skis available for rent. Isla Mujeres is a little island across from Playa Mujeres that you can take a boat or ferry to explore for the day, but we never got the itch to leave the resort.

pool beloved resort mexico

They also had 2 beautiful pool areas as well with these super comfy beds.

bar playa mujeres Beloved Resort Mexico

This bar was our favorite to stop for a drink and shrimp ceviche before dinner every night. They usually had live jazz musicians playing here as well. Props to the Mr. for his casual modeling pose on the couch! This was about 6:30 at night and you can see we had the place to ourselves. This is what I mean by quiet and private, most nights there were only a few other tables filled at dinner. Oh, and I loved the martini glasses that kept my drink cold even in the heat.

cocktails beloved resort Mexico

Let’s talk food which can be pretty hit or miss at an all-inclusive. Which maybe, let’s talk all-inclusive first for a minute. We liked this option for Mexico this time around because of safety concerns. We have been to a few different places in Mexico over the years where we haven’t done all inclusive and have always found amazing restaurants. Lately, there have been a few incidents in the news and safety concerns in Mexico, so we thought an all inclusive was the best route this time. Also, like I said we were craving a week of doing nothing, so exploring new restaurants wasn’t high on our list this time around. We wanted a week of no brainer decisions.

breakfast on the balcony Mexico

They have 4 restaurants, which may not seem like a lot for a whole week, but their menus are large and varied and they were also super accommodating about making something off the menu as well. They asked about food allergies everytime we sat down, so this could be a great option if you struggle to find food that fits your diet while traveling. They also had 24-hour room service, a coffee bar with snacks, and a crepe truck. We both thought the food was some of the best we have had at an all-inclusive.

beach restaurant Beloved Resort Playa Mujeres

We especially loved eating at the seafood restaurant that was right on the beach above – the grilled lobster was amazing. Hands down the French restaurant had the best food (below I had salmon with risotto and the Mr. was eating wine braised beef). There were a few misses throughout the week (we both didn’t like their coffee, but their espressos, lattes, and cappuccino were perfect), but overall the quality of the food was great. Especially the seafood.

restaurant review playa mujeres beloved resort

It rained one afternoon, so we hit the spa for massages and they have a relaxing hydrotherapy circuit, which was included with your stay. They lead you through a series of steam rooms. saunas, hot pools, cold pools, etc. and it was super relaxing and fun.

A a couple posing for a picture

All in all, we had a fantastic week – it was so great to reconnect and just hang out without all the distractions of work and kids and home! I’m so thankful for all the adventures I’ve been on with this guy in the last 15 years, he is my absolute favorite.

If you have any specific questions leave me a comment below, but I have to say on Instagram I had so many of you message me saying you had stayed here as well and it was a favorite among you all for sure!

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  1. Hi! I am researching this place right now. It looks amazing. was the walk to the beach long? I can’t tell on the map if it’s right on the water or not.

    1. The beach is right on the other side of the pool. If you stay in one of the villas it’s right there if you stay in the main hotel I would say it’s a 3-4 minute walk. That’s the thing we liked about this place – it’s not one of those sprawling resorts with a zillion rooms.

  2. Hi there! It looks like a wonderful time. I’m so concerned about the safety in Mexico that I’m scared to book anything. Did you feel safe from the time you arrived at the airport to the time you left on the plane going home? I guess I’m just paranoid!

    1. Hi Kristi, our travel agent arranged it so that a shuttle picked us up right at the airport and brought us directly to the resort and back again. It felt very safe in the hotel zone for sure. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. My husband and I are 30 years married and I think this holiday with nothing to do sounds great. Were just finishing a major renovation and this looks like heaven. Can’t wait to show him or maybe I’ll just surprise him. Thanks again for the recommendation.?

    Jony Baron

  4. Looks like a great vacation and beautiful place to visit! I love a beach vacation! Beautiful pictures and you both look well rested!

  5. What a beautiful place to unwind and recharge! And the two of you look so relaxed and happy together – and sunkissed. There is one place on my adventure bucket list highly recommended by my son and his wife – Bali. Of all the places they’ve been to, my son says Bali is, far and away, their favorite. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. We’re housebound in this snowy deep freeze, too, but we ARE having a heat wave… the temp is up to zero! :)

  6. Lol I hit the send button before I was finished. We are in Ontario, close to Michigan and have gotten some pretty crazy weather lately.
    The sun is shining today and the snow is beautiful, stay warm.

  7. Wow, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of the information and photos, coming directly from you I know it’s honest and candid.
    Looking forward to planning a trip there very soon. It is is -18c (-30 with the wind chill) or -4 F

  8. Me and my husband stayed here last December!!! We loved it too. The grounds, pools, beaches and restaurants were so good and the staff was so nice and catering to us. We loved it! Funny thing when we were there we commented on how many people from Michigan were there!?

    1. Oh my gosh wasn’t it the best?? I’ve never felt so spoiled!! There were a lot of people from Europe and the pacific northwest there when we were there.

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