Winter Mantel

So have you taken down all your Christmas decor yet? I start to get a little antsy a day or 2 after Christmas to rip it all down. For some reason it just starts to feel like clutter, and I’m ready to clear everything out for the new year and start fresh.

Except…I couldn’t part with my sign just yet…I tried I really did, but it looked so lonely and sad sitting in the garage amongst the tools and cans of spray paint…

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place sitting in a chair

and my wintery candles weren’t ready to be put away either…

peace joy and love sign

I’ll let them stick around a while longer, maybe until spring starts to make an appearance (ok so that could be a loooooooong time but for the rest of the month at least!)

I like how this feels clean and fresh yet still cozy…although it did feel a little bare the first day.

love you more pillow

OK, and I just can’t help it, I have to share just one picture of my little man all dressed up for Christmas, I promise I won’t become THAT mom….

A little boy wearing a hat

but really he is just too hilarious in his “fancy” onesie.

Now, why don’t they make sweatpants for women that look like an evening gown? We gotta work on this one ladies!




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  1. What a cute little man! Your winter mantel is so pretty with the sign and candles. I also really like your chairs. I’m stopping by from NTT on Coastal Charm and enjoying looking back through your blog. Love the blog design too.

  2. What are the candles in the jars IN – salt? sugar? sand? My daughter put votives in epsom salts but has a big melted mess in her jars now. :S

  3. What a darling little one!!!
    I just got a huge chalkboard… I have to repaint it but I can’t wait to try my hand at chalkboard art! You inspired me! Thanks… I think!

  4. I love that you are keeping your gorgeous sign up! It is one of those pieces that is so perfect it deserves to stay up past the Holidays and well into the late winter months. ;) And that little man of your is oh-so-cute! Seriously!!! That little onsie and that belly! I am in love.

  5. First of all OMG what a cute puppy!!! I feel the same way about Christmas Decorations I want it down right after Christmas. This year we went to visit friends the day after but the moment I walked back in the door I started taking down the ornaments and everything else. I didn’t even unpack my bag. My number one goal was out with the Christmas decorations and with the clean new year.

  6. Confession: I usually don’t put my Christmas decorations away until mid January! I love them. If it were up to me, I would keep them up all year long!! This year it may be earlier than that… Maybe :). I’m with you on the sweat pants evening gown!

  7. Still working on the clean up, company leaves today, and I have short work week ahead;) It feels nice to clean things up but I will miss the relaxed feel of the season.

    The sign is perfect!

  8. awe your little guy is so darling! love his little hat! your mantel looks amazing, as well!

  9. Perfect mantel for January – love it. Your little guy is so cute. I can’t resist sharing a photo of my boys every now and again too. It makes your blog more personable. I got about half my Christmas stuff down yesterday, the rest will have to wait till the weekend now.

  10. I did pack away all the Christmas decorations over this past weekend. It felt a little bare for the first day or two, but now it just feels open and spacious….and I am loving that! The sign and candles on the mantel look just right, very nice. I wish I had more winter-themed decor that didn’t just yell “Christmas”, but I do not. So, my next big punch will come with spring!

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