New Roomate

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a great New Years Eve.
I wanted to write a quick post today to introduce you to the newest resident at The Lily Pad Cottage.
A dog sitting on a bed
Isn’t he a sweetie?
We were “just going to look” at puppies this weekend for ideas for spring (the Mr. should have once again known better!) and this one just followed us home :)
After much debate we named him (and when I say we, I basically mean my daughter) :
Buddy Cuddles.
That’s right I have a dog named Buddy Cuddles, not exactly in my top 5 but somehow suits him perfectly. Cuddles was supposed to just be a middle name to appease our little diva, but now we all seem to be saying “Come here Buddy Cuddles”.
We are ridiculous – here is to a new year full of ridiculousness! 

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  1. We love your dog and have been looking for a reputable breeder of the Coton’s. Where did you get yours?

  2. I love your new bundle of joy and especially the name! We have many dogs navy doodle, q tip, Harrison ford, mr scruffy, miss chewey, and max he is the only one I did not name can u tell lol!

  3. OH. MY. WORD.

    He is the cutest!! Buddy?! Did you watch a lot of ‘Elf’? :D I love his first and middle name, all of it, and all of him is just perfection. What a great addition to your sweet family. Lots of years of chasing that little bundle of love and energy around now! All the best!!

  4. Why wouldn’t you want to name him Buddy Cuddles? He is absolutely adorable, cuddly and so darned sweet. How old is he and what kind of dog is he? I’m not one that can just go to look at puppies or dogs or kittens period. I’d take all of them home if I could. Evert time I see one of those ads for the Humane Society with the abandoned dogs nad cats I shed a few tears and wish I could love them all.
    Lucky you with that adorable little bundle of love. Our furry boys would be very jealous if I brought home a little guy like that, I’d want to hold and snuggle him all the time. Enjoy every minute with him.

  5. How CUTE!!! We have always named out pets with 2 names…that way they know when we mean business, LOL! We have 2 chihuahuas that we treat like our children.

  6. Ah.. Kelly;) So sweet and such a cutie! Dogs bring so much to family life. I can’t imagine our home without our girls (we have two English Springers).

    Happy New Year and enjoy the new pup!


  7. Ahhh, I have a Buddy too… he’s much bigger.. but I love the name Buddy Cuddles. My next dog is going to have two names too… RIcky BObby!

  8. Oh my goodness! What a cutie! Thanks so much for sharing him…it’s like getting a puppy-fix:) We’ve been promising our kids a puppy for years and it just hasn’t been the right time. I don’t know who wants one more…them or me?!

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