Friday Feels – Christmas Finds

Welcome to another Friday Feels where I share what I’m “feeling” this week. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

I’m gearing up for Christmas over here, which I know is too early for most normal people like you, but it’s all part of this weird blogger gig, being ahead of the game. I like to think that I’m giving my kids good stories to complain about to their kids someday :)  Like instead of “I had to walk 2 miles to school uphill both ways!”, it will be “We had a Christmas tree up Halloween to Valentine’s day one year!” Or “I never knew if the food on the counter was actually dinner or just a photoshoot waiting to happen!” The tree til Valentine’s day has only happened once for a magazine shoot, but still, my tween daughter was trying to explain to her friends over facetime the other day why there were Christmas lights in the background and I couldn’t stop laughing. Her explanation was basically that her mom is insane… she is not wrong. :)

I thought I would share a few things I’ve ordered in my Friday Feels today in case you are starting to get in planning mode too!

The green velvet pillow I bought at Target for fall has me thinking green for Christmas decor too! So, I snagged a few of these green velvet ornaments for this year’s tree. I plan on mixing the green ornaments in with some of the gorgeous mercury glass ornaments I used last year (check out last year’s tree here).

green velvet fall pillows

Over my 7 years of blogging, I have amassed quite the Christmas collection, so it’s easy to buy just a few new items to rotate in here for a new look. Well, I’m hoping it’s easy anyway :)  Here is what I’m planning this year so far:

Green Velvet and Metallic Christmas decor

  1. Green velvet ornaments – H&M is a great spot for inexpensive seasonal decor, I snagged a bunch of these green ornaments.
  2. Mercury Glass ornaments – I have a bunch of mercury glass ornaments from last year, these are similar.
  3. Silver Ornaments – I picked up some bronzey silver ornaments at a local store to mix in these are similar.
  4. Green wood bead garland – Studio McGee has a bunch of beautiful Holiday items this year (well everything they have is beautiful, I love their stuff). These emerald beads are so unique.
  5. Iron Bells – And I also picked up these brass bells to hang somewhere
  6. Striped Pajamas – Speaking of kids I’ve been hunting down Christmas jammies on amazon. I just need to get final approval from the previously mentioned tween in the house who has the final say on all her wardrobe choices.
  7. Green velvet pillow – I also bought a few of H&M’s velvet pillow covers as well. I love the texture of velvet for the holidays.
  8. Emerald velvet pillow
  9. Metal Bowls – I’m anxiously awaiting these 2 brass bowls to arrive, I’m thinking they will go on the coffee table with some ornaments resting in them?
  10. Brass Candle Holders – I think I’ll be using these pretty brass candlesticks on my mantel this year that I picked up at Stoffer Home which is a gorgeous local store but they have online ordering as well.
  11. Christmas tree – Don’t throw things at me but I already have one tree complete in the basement and I debuted it on Facebook and Instagram today as part of the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge. It was so fun to do a colorful kid-friendly tree. I will be doing a full kid’s Christmas tour downstairs in a few weeks, but this is the new tree they sent me and it’s so beautiful! The price on it is awesome right now too!

So far the vibe I’m going for seems to be brass, mercury glass, green velvet thing. Upstairs anyway, downstairs is all fun and color this year!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Kelly,
    I know bloggers have to start their pre-planning early but it I am sure it looks insane to most outsiders especially for photo shoots when decorations are up early or left up well after the holiday. I am not a blogger, but I too start my planning early. I decide on a color theme and have learned by mistake to shop early for ribbon, décor, etc or things will be picked over and selections not as good by mid-November.

  2. Friday Feels are always my favorite posts and this one did not disappoint ! Keep up the great work! I love seeing you name pop up in my email in box in the morning!!

  3. Kelly, you’re definitely my favorite ‘insane’ blogger mom and I love it all! And what could be more perfect for Christmas than green velvet! I hope your cutie tween gives a thumbs up to the red stripes because it would be so darling with the rest of your plan. Must head over to IG to see that basement tree. :-)

  4. Kelly, this post is my everything this week! I’m in planning mode, too, and am especially in need of a new tree. And those candlesticks are *exactly* what I’ve searching for for my new home – scaling down from a very long rectangular table to a round with leaf. And I noticed your green pillow on IG and LOVE it in the living room so I say go green this year for Christmas! You’ll make it look fresh, simple and elegant, I know it. Have a great weekend!

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