Neutral Lake House Bathroom Decor

I’ve been working on a little bathroom refresh in our primary bathroom, and I’m so excited to share my progress with you today. The blue vanity was fun, but after 6 years I was ready to switch things up for a more soothing monochromatic look.

freestanding tub in front of window with faux tree

Paint was obviously a big part of this bathroom refresh, but I completed the space with a little help with The Home Depot. I’m excited to partner with The Home Depot again because they have a huge selection of home decor items at great prices. The shipping is incredibly fast too!

freestanding tub in front of large window with faux tree

From towels, to baskets, to my gorgeous new faux tree – The Home Depot had everything I needed to complete our bathroom redesign.

bathroom design with beige cabinets and cream walls

Let’s take a look at some of the changes! After painting both the walls and the vanity, everything felt like a nice blank slate.

neutral bathroom with a freestanding tub and faux tree

It was time to add a little personality back into the space with accessories. This 6 ft tall faux tree is the perfect pop of “life” and color for this corner. I’m normally not a faux plant kinda girl. After months of searching for a real tree for this space with no luck, I decided faux was the way to go. I wanted something tall and delicate looking, and I’m so happy with this one.

faux tree next to a free standing tub

I employed the trick of buying this tall planter so I could get even more height from this tree. I filled the bottom with packing materials that the planter came in. This raised the tree up another foot. Then I used pea gravel to cover the top.

neutral bathroom with wood cabinet and free standing tub

Bonus, it feels a little like you are sitting in a tree house while taking a bath. It’s very cozy and relaxing with the drapes and the tree.

bathtub with bamboo tray

Of course while I’m relaxing in my bathtub treehouse, I need a place to set my glass of wine. I’m not sure why I waited so long to add a bathtub tray in here, but let me tell you it’s been life changing.

bathtub with baskets filled towels

Speaking of life changing… is there anything better than new soft and fluffy white towels? After years of washing in well water, our white towels were looking dingy. It was time to just start fresh with a towel overhaul. This 16 piece set is so soft and absorbant and the price point is great. Plus they have the Good Housekeeping stamp of approval.

bathroom with beige vanity wood mirror and white countertop

The baskets are also from The Home Depot and such a great size for storing towels within easy reach.

bathroom with neutral walls and colorful rug

I’m not sure why we have lived here 6 years and I’ve never gotten around to hanging anything on the walls in this bathroom, but it was time. I found this set of 4 wood and white frames and I love the detailing on them.

neutral bathroom decor wood mirrors with baskets of towels

I chose some favorite family memories to frame. I love that these are the first photos I see when getting ready every morning.

bathroom wall art

I also love this metal hammered tray that holds all my lotions and potions. It came in a whole set.

metal tray holding face serums in a bathroom
bathroom accessories and toothbrush holder

I always like to combine practical and pretty and these glass jars with wood tops were perfect for our counter. I keep bath salts and cotton pads in them for easy access.

glass jars with wood tops sitting on bathroom counter

You can shop all of my favorite items from The Home Depot below. They have free shipping on orders over $45 and free in store returns which is so convenient.

Disclaimer:This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you. Just click on the BOLD links.

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  1. I love the changes made by going neutral on the wall and vanity colors. I’ll be watching for your response to your rug choice. thanks!

    1. For all ppl looking for rug- read through Kelly’s other posts and she links to the rug and other bathroom sources in LTK as cozy finds.

  2. Hi Kelly! Where did you get that fabo rug in the updated master bath?
    I definitely want one just like it!

    1. What are the dimensions of your bathroom? The size of the rug? The size of the vanity? And the size of the little alcove beside the tub?
      Everything looks so pretty 🤩

      1. Hi Helen the bathroom is kind of a funny shape so I’m not sure on the size but the alcove is 7 ft and the vanity is 11 ft long. The rug is 5×7 I think? Thanks!

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