Where I’ve Been…

Hey all! Sorry I was MIA last week, but I was busy…

A couple of lawn chairs sitting on top of a beach

doing absolutely nothing :)

(look at me being all wrinkle conscious harmful UV ray responsible in the shade with my big ole floppy hat)

The Mr. and I headed to Mexico for a week to relax and recharge, we have been looking forward to this trip all year.

We unplugged, sat, read, slept, swam, ate and relaxed…

and then ate some more –

I think I ate my weight in guacamole and pico de gallo…which is ok because it’s all fresh veggies (we won’t speak of the mountain of fried tortilla chips)…

A plate of food with a sandwich and a salad, with Tortilla chip

and then I sat some more…

A man standing on top of a sandy beach

It was so great to relax and recharge and get the chance to really miss my kids.

 Not to mention the chance to really talk to my husband instead of just the snippets of conversations between the “mommy, mommy, mommy” and “daddy, daddy, daddy” we normally manage.

A group of people on a beach near a body of water

This was the view out our balcony – it was sooooo peaceful to fall asleep listening to the ocean.

We felt so blessed to have this time together, not to mention thankful to our amazing parents for tackling babysitting duty for the week.

Now back to reality…


and the best part of coming home – being woken up by my favorite little monkeys!

A little girl sitting with a boy

I was SO ready for the “mommy, mommy, mommy!” chant by the end of the week.

Is it just me or is little man giving me the look like “who are you lady?” – must be my mommy guilt kicking in :)

So, sorry, I was radio silent over here, but sometimes you just gotta unplug and enjoy life without all the distractions…some of us (ahem, me!) did this better than others (ahem, the Mr. still had his “crackberry/blackberry” glued to his hand). But that’s ok I forgive him, after all he did book us a couples massage on Valentine’s Day (and I’ll even overlook the fact that he won them for free, ha!).

And if you’re new around here I promise there is more DIY/decor ideas on the way. In fact I will be posting 5 days next week, with all sorts of fun ideas for Spring with some of my favorite bloggers – stay tuned for more info on that.

 Also, I’ll be announcing the winner of the Get Healthy Giveaway later this week too!

Ok, off to tackle my mountain of laundry, not to mention the grocery store, oh and squeezing the heck out of my kiddos!

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  1. Good for you! Believe it or not, it’s easier to get away when they are your kids ages, they are mostly home but when they are older and have a million activities, it’s more difficult. No one wants to schlept them all over the place for a week…
    We all need to get away from our kids every once in while and recharge.. It’s been a couple of years or more for me but I’m thinking of a night or two away might be in order!

  2. I have just started following your blog…so I was wondering if you had gotten so snowed in you couldnt blog, or what!? :) Completely jealous about your vacation! I have been dreaming of some sun on my pale pasty skin…all the cute stuff coming out in the stores, will look so cute when I have some COLOR! Cant wait to see all the great spring ideas this week…living in Georgia, I think we’ll get it sooner than later…the birds are chirping in the mornings:) a great sign!!

  3. Kelly- I used to love going to Mexico and have not been in several years. What a wonderful trip it sounds like you had in spite of the crackberry/Blackberry boy! xo Diana

  4. My hubs and I took our first extended kids-free vacation since our 4 year old was born at the end of the summer and it was amazing. I totally know what you mean about “missing” your kids…it’s a good feeling when you’re so used to being with them every moment! I am now craving guac at 8 a.m. :)

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