Grilled BLT Pizza – Dust off that old grill for spring

Have you ever grilled pizza? It’s so easy and so good!  We are finally up in the 40’s this week, so it’s time to break out the grill and celebrate, which made me realize what sad shape our poor grill was in.

So, I thought I would first share how to clean your disgusting grill that hasn’t been cleaned since you bought it 10 years ago…what?  You don’t have one of those?  Ok, well, how about just how to clean your grill for spring like a responsible person normally would?

THEN I’ll give you the easiest delicious recipe for Grilled BLT Pizza.  It’s going to be my go to weeknight dinner this summer.

Oh, and  I’m also giving away a $100 Ace Hardware gift card to 1 lucky winner, tada!  This is like the macdaddy of all multitasking blog posts.

Speaking of Ace Hardware – I’m so excited to announce that I will be working with them as part of their Ace Blogger team, along with these other amazing bloggers to bring you all sorts of fun and helpful DIY posts throughout the year.


I love shopping at Ace Hardware, so this was the perfect fit.  They are always so friendly and practically know me by name (pause with me to remember that time I just went in for drywall anchors and painted my whole house…).  Their cat definitely knows my son at least, and always takes off running in the opposite direction when he sees him :)

I headed to Ace to see if I could find something to help our filthy grill out.  We love our Weber grill that the Mr. got from his parents when he graduated from college, but after 10 years of use it needed a little TLC.  The Mr. can really throw down on the grill (I can too!), but let’s just say cleaning isn’t his strong suit…

Grill Cleaning Tips

I found these great Weber cleaning tools and sprays and bonus came home with a new pizza grilling stone too!

They make one spray for the outside of your grill and a food safe one for the grates inside – perfect.  I was a little worried how they were going to handle the level of ickiness on my grill, (I was thinking a power washer might be more up to the task) but see for yourself the difference!

I just sprayed it on the outside, let it sit for a minute or 2 and all the greasy grime wiped right off.


Now to tackle the inside, this required a little more elbow grease and scraping, but it came beautifully clean too.  I know if we actually keep up on cleaning it every time, it will wipe down easy (hear that Mr.? every time!)

Grill Cleaning Tips

Now that my grill is presentable, let’s move on to the grilled BLT pizza recipe.

Grilled BLT pizza recipe with avocado dressing

Weber makes this pizza stone that is especially for your grill.  Just pop it on your grill while you are preheating it, let it warm up for a good 15 minutes and you are ready to cook.

Weber Pizza Stone

Start with your dough, throw it in the air in an attempt to impress your kids, drop it on the floor in the process…10 second rule right?

Lay it out on a board covered in corn meal, add your toppings and then just slide it onto the hot stone.

Grilled BLT Pizza

I cooked mine for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

Grilled BLT Pizza

Now for my own little twist on a BLT, avocado!  I love avocado on a BLT sandwich so I thought an avocado dressing to toss the lettuce in would be perfect. Just throw it on top of the pizza when it’s done cooking and it is so good.

Grilled BLT Pizza


Grilled BLT Pizza Recipe

Now onto that giveaway, here’s your chance to win $100 to use at Ace so you can get your own Weber pizza stone, or any of their other great products.  Just enter below – winner will be announced next week, good luck!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Ace Hardware Blogger Panel.  Ace Hardware provided me with products and compensation for this post, but all opinions are 100 percent mine.  All opinions and positions here do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

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Grilled BLT Pizza
  • 1 pizza dough ball (I find mine in the frozen aisle, but you can make your own dough too)
  • ½ C monterrey jack cheese
  • ½ C mozzarella cheese
  • 1 cup sliced cherry tomatoes
  • 5 slices cooked and crumbled bacon
  • 1 head of romaine lettuce, chopped
  • ½ avocado
  • 2 tbsp mayo
  • squeeze of lemon juice
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Preheat grill to 400 degrees with pizza stone inside.
  2. Stretch pizza dough into a circle and place on a cutting board or wood pizza paddle that has been sprinkled with corn meal.
  3. Top with cheeses, tomatoes and bacon. Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Slide pizza onto hot stone and cook with the grill closed for about 10 minutes or until crust is done.
  5. Mix avocado, mayo, lemon juice and salt and pepper in a bowl.
  6. Toss lettuce with dressing and put on top of the pizza.


  1. Mary says

    I’m going to head to my local Ace Hardware and pick up some cleaning supplies. We used ours for the first time last night and it definitely needs some help!

  2. says

    How funny, we have the same grill! Ours is about 8 yrs old. It has been the best grill ever! In fact we are buying one for my Son as a housewarming gift. Didn’t know Ace carries Weber accessories. Would love that pizza stone and all those cleaning supplies. I’m gonna check it out. Would love to win the giveaway. Thanks, Kelly!

  3. Pam Lerczak says

    I love our Weber grill! If I won the gift card I would buy the grilling stone & cleaning supplies:) if there was any left over I would buy a gallon or 2 of paint!

  4. Michelle says

    Love the pizza stone! Can’t wait to use the grill, being in Chicago what a long winter but today it’s raining and that means Spring is around the corner. Would buy the pizza stone and a lot of bird food! The Red cardinals are starting to come to my feeder!

  5. Michelle says

    Love the pizza stone! Can’t wait to use the grill, being in Chicago what a long winter but today it’s raining and that means Spring is around the corner. Would buy the pizza stone and a lot of bird food! The Red cardinals are starting to come to my feeder! I know my grill can use a good cleaning too!

  6. Stephanie R says

    Wow! I can’t believe how well those cleaners worked! Your grill (& pizza too) look great. Thanks for sharing!

  7. lesley says

    we have been wanting a grill since we bought our new house several years ago so this would be great to go towards one!

  8. says

    We want to update our porch. With the house on the market–it just seems we should be having a better “first impression”. I would use it for that. That pizza looks yummy!

  9. Betsi says

    Loving the warmer weather! (I am a Michigander as well!) We could deff use some “grill cleaning” supplies as well but the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Paint is my weakness!

  10. says

    Since I was a little girl I have loved hardware stores! (and office supply stores)

    It’s hard to say what I would buy. Hardwood floor cleaner? Paint? Stuff to get our yard looking great? Screws, nails, fasteners, buckets, drop cloths, trash cans, brooms, rakes, shovels? Who knows!?

  11. Georgina says

    Hello Neighbor! I live about 40 minutes north of you in Grand Rapids and I’m definitely loving the warmer temps too! Paint. I would definitely be using it for paint. Our guest bedroom is desperately begging me to spruce things up in there. Love your blog, Kelly! I look forward to your postings every week. We’re so proud that you’re from our beautiful state of Michigan! Have a great rest of the week!

  12. Natalie says

    I wish I could send some of our 75 degree + weather in Hollister, CA your way : )
    Our Ace Hardware is minutes ffrom us and being a winner of the gift card would provide me with all the little extras to the endless DIY list I have going on. Thank you!

  13. Lisa S. says

    Ohhhh – I have always appreciated the wonderful service our local Ace Hardware has. And boy, do we need a new grill…….Thank you!

  14. says

    The pizza looks amazing….You did a great job on cleaning the grill…and I wish I could enter the giveaway but I’m in Canada….boo.

  15. cathy c says

    grills + me —- oh the story i could tell…..but i will refrain from getting myself all worked up and leave a lovely post.
    i’d love to win an ACE gift card! esp since it’s literally 2 min. from my house! love that store! thanks for the opportunity! : )

  16. Terri Pols says

    I would look at all the Sherwin Williams Historic paint charts.
    Always something to paint , right Kelly!
    Always enjoy your blog

  17. shelby says

    YUM! I never thought about that combo! Seeing how in Cali its always summer, I may even make it tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Anna says

    Great giveaway Kelly! That pizza sounds delicious!! If I had a $100 for Ace I’d buy new hinges for our bathroom cabinets. Ever since I stained them the old ones just look gross. :/

    Anna :)

  19. Lisa says

    Oh boy….I can’t help but laugh when I read your post. Our grill needs a good cleaning too….. But not for the reason your think! This winter a mole/ mouse decided to make a home inside the grill to hide away from the dreaded cold I presume! We found his home one night when I THOUGHT I was going to have my husband grill dinner! NOT!!! His little “hay house” was right on the grill itself! When I lifted up the lid, I saw him run into the opening to hide…boy did I scream! YUK!!! GROSS!! The second time this happened….yes it happened again…. The house was empty. But before any kind of good gets put on our grill, it definitely needs a GOOD cleaning!, in fact a new grill would be even better! Anyway, thx for the products you shared. They look like they did an amazing job :-)

  20. Marijean says

    I am in the process of painting and I love both Benjamin Moore and Clark-Kensington paints, although that pizza looks so good I just may need to get a pizza stone!

  21. Cindy says

    We are owners of a disgusting grill so I need to make a run to Ace Hardware! Had no idea they actually sold these kinds of products! Thanks for the chance! Need to try your recipe- it looks delicious!:)

  22. says

    Yum! This looks totally delicious, I will definitely be giving it a try. I love my local Ace store – they know me by name too :) It is the friendliest place! I would buy…ummm…probably about 4 gallons of paint first. I’m there at least once a week lately!

  23. brittany says

    I would get some stuff to spray around the house to keep the mosquitos away. They are really bad around my house when it gets warm. It may help some that we got some trees cut down. I would get few other things for the outside of my house too.

  24. says

    Hi Kelly, wow your grill looks amazing! I have to try that! Ace is my favorite!!! They have the best drop cloths fro DIY:). I am going to need that pizza stone too, your recipes looks incredible. Bring summer on!!!! Have a great day friend, Jen

  25. says

    I am an Ace queen. The local one is exactly 1 mile from our house. We do not live near any other hardware stores, they are all more than an hour away so Ace is my go to place. Our grill gets used year round and I have been eying those pizza stones. I will have to see about getting us one. Your pizza sounds delish.

  26. Jalene Stradling says

    I would buy some new paint! I’m addicted to buying new paint colors to use for my projects like wood signs and homemade chalk paint for furniture!!

  27. Meg K says

    I need gardening supplies, seeds, paint & various other diy fun stuff for our house :) thanks for this! The pizza looks awesome & I’m pinning it now

  28. Kim says

    I love love love BLT’s and I personally believe that you cannot have a BLT without avocado…I call it a BLTA! I have never thought of making it into a pizza…and surely never thought of grilling it! Love this idea, will be making it very soon…now all I need is a pizza stone that goes on the grill! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  29. Laura B says

    Our Ace always has nice flowers so I’d use it for that, if Spring ever decides to make an appearance here in Indiana :)

  30. Mickey says

    I would love to buy those grill cleaning supplies, I know after this winter ours is a mess. We have an Ace Hardware close by and enjoy going in to look around. Thanks for the giveaway! Mickey


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