Christmas Front Porch Ideas

It snowed! I thought we were supposed to get a light pre-winter dusting, but we got a full on winter wonderland with a good 4 inches. The good news is my kids had a blast playing in the snow all weekend long! The bad news is, I didn’t finish my red and silver Christmas front porch before the white stuff coated everything. Christmas front porch ideas.

A house covered in snow

So, here is my half done porch. It’s not really that far off from what I was planning though. I’ve used this same garland around the front door the last few years, but normally I add in real greenery to make it look a little fuller. I still think it’s festive as is, and maybe if we get a heat wave (crossing my fingers and toes!), I’ll add it in.

A front door decorated for Christmas

I had a few questions on how I hung this up last year. I bought those small white nails and I nailed 4 of them along the top of our trim. Our trim has a pretty heavy wood texture, so this is one area where those sticky command strips will not help me out. The nails are small and our trim is white so they blend right in. In fact when I took the garland down last year I just left the nails right in place so they were already for me to use this year. Next, I use a spool of floral wire, wrapping it around the garland and then wrapping it around the nails. It took me about 5 minute to hang up!

A house in the snow

I also hung a wreath on the door this year. I have never hung a wreath on our door before because I thought it would bug me to look out at through the glass on the inside, but I actually don’t mind it. I just used one of those suction cup hooks, if the temps drop really far down though I’m not sure it will hold up to the cold.

red christmas front porch ideas

Red mini red ornaments added a pop of color to my new tree planters. You can just see them peeking through the snow. Also, notice all the leaves peeking through the snow! Ack, the trees are still filled with leaves too, so taking care of the leaves this year is going to be a soggy mess.

Dark grey lake house

While I was snapping pics of our from porch, I was called to take some pics of my little guy’s “snow fort”, well snow fort in progress…so here is my little photo bomber :)

Dark grey lake house

My window boxes got a wintery dusting as well.

Christmas window boxes

My kids are so excited for the lake to freeze over, (which usually doesn’t happen until late December), but I’m not ready to stare at the bleak white blah out there yet.

winter lake photo

I did a little round up of all my past front porches, since this one isn’t quite complete. You can check them all out below!

A house covered in snow

Here’s last year’s look. I’m so glad I’ve simplified the pillow situation on the benches. You can see how nice and full the garland looked because I added in the real greenery.

Christmas Front porch ideas

Oh here is our old house! So many memories! I loved this sled look on the door, but it definitely would not work on our new glass front door.

christmas front porch

Throwing it waaaay back with this one to 2012, and the year I decorated my parent’s house. Their blue doors were so fun with the red poinsettias!

Hope you all are staying warm where you are!

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I live in Sparta Michigan and I hang my wreath on the glass front door with a command hook and for the last three years it has stayed up in the bitter cold freezing temps. In the spring I just remove it and it leaves no sign that it was ever there. They have such nice looking hooks now with all sorts of different finishes. I just wanted you to know so that you didn’t have to fuss with the wreath falling off in the dead of winter. We Michiganders need all the help we can get!! Your house looks beautiful by the way!

    1. Thanks Mary I have a few of those in the drawer so I will give it a shot! Stay warm, I can’t believe how cold it is already!

  2. Love the look! But have you really already decorated for Christmas, It is more than 6 weeks away! Will you not be tired of the decorations – and will they begin to look tired themselves by the actual holiday?

    1. Thanks Monica. Since blogging is my job we have to have all our content out early, because readers want ideas for their own homes. If I waited until “normal people” ;) decorated it would be too late to share. I’m also creating content for several different brands and have early deadlines for those. Plus we are traveling for Thanksgiving so it will be nice to come home to the house all decorated. That said I’m a strict everything down on the 26th kinda girl :)

  3. You always do such a lovely job! Your home is just picture perfect especially covered in the snow, which is fun right now, but maybe not so much later…right?

  4. Can you please tell me the color and manufacturer for your siding! LOOOOVE IT! Thaks building in the near future. Also where do you pick up the greenery to add into your garland? Thanks in advance. I’m in Michigan too so the snow is flying here too!

    1. HI Pam, our siding is vinyl shake by Mastic the color is natural slate. I pick up the greenery in my back yard lol, perks of our property backing up to woods!

  5. I saw your recent post of your little pine trees and also got some! How do you care for them to keep them alive in pots? Water at all? Also since they are an evergreen could I keep them until next year perhaps?

    1. Hey Cailin, the woman at the nursery told me if it’s warm to make sure the soil is moist and not dry. Once we are consistently below freezing I didn’t need to worry about watering. And yes, you should be able to reuse as long as you keep them watered all summer!

  6. Thank you for the inspiration and the wonderful tips on hanging the garland. I’ve always wanted to hang garland outside but didn’t know how to do it! ?

  7. Lighter snow in the Chicago area – but bitterly cold already with single digit windchills. Brrr! I can relate to your leaf situation. Our house is in an urban area but near a river bluff in the midst of an old oak forest. We start weekly raking in late September (usually the yard and leaving the landscaping beds until the end) and end in early December because the variety of oak trees in our yard lose their leaves so late. We were hoping to get the beds mostly cleaned out this weekend. Now I’m not so sure.
    All of your porches are beautiful but I think I like the one with the sled the best – could be I just have a thing for old Radio Flyers! Lol!
    Stay warm and enjoy those kiddos!

    1. Good luck with the leaves Margot, we have another couple of inches of snow on the way here today it sounds like! The sled is a fave of mine too, wish I could make it work on this door.

  8. Must say I love viewing the wintery scenes from my sunny porch in Florida! It all looks so beautiful- especially loved the recap of fronts doors from the past!

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