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DIY Cabinet Door Planter Boxes

My front porch is finally all dressed up for fall! It took me a little longer this year, because I wanted new planter boxes for the front, but I didn’t want to pay a zillion dollars for them. So, I decided to build them myself! You’ll never guess what they are made out of…
DIY Planter Boxes

old cabinet doors!

DIY Cabinet Door Planter Boxes

I’ll show you how I did it and all for about $15 a planter box!

First up to make these Cabinet Door Planter Boxes you need to find 4 cabinet doors that are all the same size. I found these at a local thrift store for $1 each, they had a million of them.

You will also need a couple of 8 ft 2×2’s (I used 3 to make 2 boxes), a 1×2, and a scrap piece of plywood. A few power tools are in order as well! I used my Craftsman Evolv Brad Nailer, Craftsman Orbital Jigsaw with LED Work Light, and Evolv Circular Saw. I found them all at my neighborhood Ace Hardware, they are always great at helping me figure out which tools I need for my projects.

I  have to say, I have really enjoyed working with Ace and learning more about power tools from the helpful people there. I’ve had several of you leave comments for me saying “now I just need to talk my husband into building this for me” but seriously if I can do this, you can too! I really feel like I can build anything now!

Box and Door

First up cut all your 2×2’s to an inch shorter than your cabinet doors. I’m not giving exact measurements since your cabinet doors will most likely not be the same size as mine. I used my new Evolv Circular Saw for this one, I love how easy and clean this saw cuts!

Next up grab your brad nailer and a little wood glue. Spread the glue on the 2×2 and nail it right to the edge of the cabinet door.

Nail gun

Repeat this step on all your cabinet doors, until you have made a square.

Box and Door

Cut the 1×2 into small sections, they don’t have to be exactly perfect. These will form brackets for the shelf to hold your flowers.

Take the plywood and trace on the inside of the planter box. I used my Craftsman Orbital Jigsaw to cut this out. Then just pop it in!

Box and Door

Tada! Flower boxes for around $15! I painted them with 2 coats of Silent White paint by Clark+Kensington. Then I sanded the edges just a bit to bring out the details of the cabinet doors.

A group of colorful flowers

I can’t wait to use these for my Christmas decor too!

Fall front porch

I planted them with mums, decorative cabbage, and bittersweet.

A close up of a flower

I also picked up some clear hooks from Ace to hang up my basket of faux leaves and and beach grass.

Fall Front Porch

Autumn chalk sign

So happy my front door is all fall-ified and ready to welcome all those little trick-or-treaters soon!


Want to spruce up your own entryway up this fall? Enter the $100 Ace Hardware gift card giveaway below for the chance to grab some power tools of your own! The friendly people at Ace Hardware will help you find the perfect ones.

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Disclosure: I’m a member of the Ace Hardware Blogger Panel. Ace Hardware provided me with products and compensation for this post, but all opinions are 100 percent mine. All opinions and positions here do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

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  1. I think a brad nailer would be first on my list–but my husband might have an idea or two what we need more for our projects…

  2. I love the basket on the door! Such a cute idea! I’d get sawzall, impact driver and circular saw. I really would love to learn how to use these tools so that I could do my own projects and not have to wait on someone else to help me.

  3. Love repurposing!!! Since hub is our tool man I’d love to get him a router along with a nice table/bench area to use his tools!

  4. I just covered my front porch with wood last weekend! Now you have my wheels spinning on what to do next for décor!!

  5. Love the planter boxes! I would love to have a lot of tools from Ace! I really need a miter saw and a brad nailer lately though.

  6. I would love to learn to use power tools. Will definitely go to Ace Hardware to learn more about them. Thanks for the inspiration to give power tools a try and make something that will enhance my home and do it so beautifully!

  7. Absolutely love what you done with the old cabinet doors. Very clever idea
    I could use a new sander and / or grinder Paint Sprayer would also come in handy.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  8. Such a cute and simple way to decorate for fall! Fall is my favorite time of year and this is a great idea for the porch of my new house.

  9. I love these Kelly! There are always doors at my Habitat ReStore, I’ll have to pick some up. I could use some new paint brushes from Ace. :)

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