Flannel for the Family

Winter is on the way, which means the temps are dropping here in Michigan. I’m preparing by stocking up on all the cozy things to keep us warm this season. I’m so excited to partner with Garnet Hill today to share one of my favorite fabrics for winter – flannel. From sheets to pajamas, I basically want a layer of flannel on my body at all times! Garnet Hill has been specializing in flannel since 1976. It is gently brushed multiple times to make it the softest flannel ever.

A bedroom with a large bed in a lake home

I’m sharing a few tips to incorporate flannel into your home for the season.

Tip 1 – Switch to Flannel Sheets! 

This is always the first place I start. The Mr. likes to keep the house at 62 at night, so I need all the added warmth I can get. I’ve always been a fan of a classic ticking stripe. So the Cozy Ticking Flannel sheets were the perfect addition to our bedroom. Our kids each have a set of flannel sheets for their beds too.

flannel sheets white bedding gray sheets white bed

I leave the room for one minute and someone made himself right at home…you can tell Charlie is a fan!

white bedding gray ticking sheets dog sleeping

I couldn’t keep Charlie out of the bed while shooting this, so he can really vouch for the softness. There was a lot of napping on the job…

white and gray flannel winter bedding in lake house bedroom

Even while sitting up :)

Tip 2 – Why stop at sheets? Add a flannel duvet cover too.

I have had scratchy decorative duvet covers in the past, but I’m craving cozy simplicity this season. This white flannel duvet cover is the perfect winter bedding staple to add to your collection. Our whole bed feels like one big cloud to sink into at the end of the day.

White flannel duvet cover

gray blanket white duvet cover white and gray bedroom

I also added their Dream Quilt for an extra layer of warmth.

Garnett Hill Bedding

Tip 3 – Treat yourself to Classic Flannel Pajamas.

Coffee in bed on a lazy Saturday morning is so much better with a cozy flannel robe and pants. The red stripes are perfect for opening gifts on Christmas morning.

red and white striped flannel women's pajamas


Tip 4 – Don’t forget the rest of the family! Bonus points for matching kiddos.

Flannel pajamas are not just for sleeping in 2020! The Mr. has been known to wear these flannel pajama bottoms with a button-down shirt for zoom meetings… They are so soft and cozy I don’t blame him.

Flannel Pajamas for the family

You know I had to get matching Christmas pj’s for the kids. I will continue this tradition until they have their own babies! Garnett Hill has the cutest prints, and I love the classic feel of the red plaid. It’s perfect for our annual Christmas tree photo.

red plaid christmas pajamas christmas tree

You can shop all of Garnett Hill’s cozy flannel collection here and I’ll link everything below as usual!


Flannel Ticking Sheets

White Flannel Duvet Cover

Dream Quilt

Rosewood Stripe Flannel Robe and Matching Pajamas

Bluestone Plaid Pajamas and Heather Gray Robe

Kid’s Red Flannel Pajamas

Eucalyptus and Juniper Wreath


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  1. The sheets and pjs look wonderful but the adorable Charlie is the show stopper. Will you please tell your kids to stop growing so fast. I’ve been following you since they were little which feels like 10 minutes ago! 🥰

    1. Oh my gosh I’m with you! They are getting way too old and thanks for following along all this time. My son was not even 1 year old when I started blogging here. Crazy how time flies!

  2. Love how Charlie photobombs your photos ( which were beautiful by the way). Just ordered the sheets after seeing this since cold is setting in here in NC. They got great ratings too, thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Beautiful photos of your beautiful family. I too love the shot of the kids looking at the tree, I have one from years ago when mine were 2 and 3, just out of the bath and staring up at the tree (from behind as well). Don’t think I could duplicate that one each year….lol. My husband would never go for flannel sheets, he also likes to freeze at night, but the duvet cover is an option. With all that’s gone on this year I haven’t felt to “Christmassy”. Your post inspired me this morning. Thank you.

    1. Hahaha love it! The Duvet cover would be a good compromise for sure! Although The Mr. typically is not a flannel sheet fan but he loves these.

  4. So cozy and casual… love it!! I also love the texture and color of the coverlet and matching lumbar pillow. Where can we find those?

    1. The coverlet is the Dream Quilt from Garnet Hill as well. I linked it under sources and I believe the lumbar pillow is on that same link. We have the Dawn grey color but they have so many pretty color options!

      1. Thanks Kelly! I realized that about two minutes after I hit send this morning😅

        I ordered the duvet, quilt and lumbar pillow cover. Sadly the quilt is on backorder till 12/28, but it’ll be a little Christmas gift to myself. Thanks again! Love your newsletter and site… always so much inspo!

  5. Love everything about this warm and cozy post!! Still in the 80’s down here in Florida, but I can always dream! Nothing says the holidays like matching flannel family pajamas!! So cute!!!

  6. Love this post and all the things in it! My daughter and I might have to do the coordinating sleepwear ourselves – we just cannot get the boys on board (and I thought my daughter could talk her dad into anything!). Love your sleep pants with matching robe. I always like the option of adding a robe (or sweater) for added warmth and coverage – in case of guests and when traveling. So disappointed the robe is down to one size available already!

    1. Haha, my son actually likes the matching jammies more than my daughter at this point, but these are so cozy that they have been living in them!

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