Florida House Dining Room Decor

Do you want to know the absolute best car to power shop for an entire house with? A two seater mini cooper. Yep, this is what my mom and I were working with…I mean, why take a truck when you could play your own personal game of Tetris with throw pillows and accessories?

A car parked in front of a house

Imagine a clown car, but instead of dozens of clowns popping out, end tables, artwork and throw pillow after throw pillow. I actually have no idea how we even made it home and we definitely got a few looks from some construction dudes in the Lowe’s parking lot. Whatever, we made it work!

Today the tour continues with the formal dining room and man was this room formal. The light fixture in here was made out of camel heads? My daughter however loved it and asked me if she could have it for her room at the new house…that would be a no…


A dining room table



Coastal dining room

Coastal Dining Room Decor

I have to give credit to my mom for this room she had this table set and light fixture hanging up in here already when I got down there. My dad and his friend also pulled down all the chair railing and put up the more casual bead board instead.

Coastal Dining room decor

Coastal Dining room decor

Oh, and full props to my non-crafty mom, who channeled her inner Martha for these sea glass bottles. She grabbed a bunch of these bottles at a flea market and hit them with that new sea glass spray paint. Have you seen that stuff? I hadn’t tried it before, but they turned out so cool!

Sea glass spray paint

You may notice the odd window placement in here, if you are OCD about symmetry like I am it may make your eye twitch a bit.

Coastal Dining Room Decor

We tried to address the offset thing with this tall shelving unit in the corner. Which I think helped solve the situation a bit.

Coastal Dining Room Shelving

We also brought in some colorful prints and another round basket to mimic the round light fixture and ground the table.

Coastal dining centerpiece

It turned out so pretty in here!

A dining room table

If you missed the first part of the home tour you can check out the living room here.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Light fixture – Overstock

Table and chairs and bookshelf – local Florida store Hudsons Furniture

Art Prints – Bealls

Basket – Pier 1

Side table – Hobby Lobby


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  1. Hi Kelly, I’m a new neighbor near your Mom. A week ago we met as she was walking the dogs. She was nice enough to give me a tour of her home. We’re also going with a light coastal feel of blues, greens, white and grey. Anyway, she gave me your blog. She has almost the exact same floor plan as our house 2 doors down. We’re currently in the middle of remodeling. I love your tips. We have the same crazy window and I just bought a tall cabinet from Palmaro Furniture on University. (They have great coastal furniture, pictures, rugs and accessories) Now I know exactly where I’ll place my cabinet. I hope we can eventually meet and you can give me a few more tips. Especially after we get started on the new kitchen cabinets, plus we’re moving some walls around. Good luck with your lake house. I saw the pictures, looks like you’re near the end! :)

    1. OH shoot I was just there last week, would have been great to meet you! My mom took me to Palmaro – so many pretty things! Good luck with your renovations, hopefully I’ll meet you next time I’m visiting.

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