Laundry Sign

I’ve been working on my laundry room these past few weeks and planned on showing you my new gussied up laundry haven today, but the whole “impromptu puppy following us home” thing has thrown a wrench in my plan. Now the laundry room is also Buddy Cuddles main hang out when we aren’t home to monitor his love of chewing everything in sight.


So while I rework things to be more puppy friendly, I’ll at least give you a peak at the laundry room sign I painted this weekend.


laundry room sign

You are either thinking I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy or you are laughing with me at this point :)  (I hope you managed at least a little chuckle).

I saw this sign on Pinterest and it cracked me up.

I knew I had to make one for myself. Let’s face it, sometimes when I’m trying to get blueberry stains out of my brand new sweater, (anyone else have a kid that thinks throwing food is hilarious??) I need some comic relief…and a glass of wine, but that’s another post…


laundry room sign

For my version I just painted a canvas with some leftover paint, and then much like I do my chalkboards – sketched out the words. I actually use chalk for this, if you make a mistake you can wipe it right off.

A close up of a blackboard

I tried to make the “Laundry” part of the sign look like the font on the inspiration sign, but for the rest I just used a stencil.


A close up of a dog

Buddy – not really helping with the photo shoot here!


I filled my words in with paint and outlined them in black sharpie marker to give a little more definition.


laundry room sign tutorial

I’ll post some more projects from the laundry room/doggy pad this week, and hopefully (cross my fingers) reveal the finished project too.


And if you think I’m horribly immature – well, I am :)


I blame my kids, and the Mr. – the biggest kid of them all!


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A dog sitting on the keyboard of a laptop


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  2. Hi! Came across your blog at Coastal Charm (I think!). Love this last pic of your dog nosing your lap top. It reminded me of when our dog would come lay right on top of the wrapping paper when I was wrapping gifts.

    Lovin’ your blog!

    Newest Follower,

  3. I love your sign! I’m house hunting right now and a laundry room is one of my must haves, I don’t like laundry closets! I’ll definitely have to make this sign for my new home… when I find it that is! LOL!


  4. That is just darling. And helpful because my family thinks they can drop their pants, and socks and undies and towels where ever they please! Am going to make this sign for sure. Love your blog.

  5. Definitely laughing with you. I love your version of the sign. Can’t wait to see the rest of the laundry room. The sneak peek looks very promising.

  6. I just LOVE that your puppy’s name is Buddy Cuddles. And, I feel like when you have you boys, this is the type of humor that becomes humorous. #lifeofamom :)

  7. Maybe it is because I live in a house where I’m outnumbered three to one by boys….but I laughed and find it funny.

    LOVE the picture of the puppy snuggling your computer…..too cute.

    This post just reminds me that I still need to add shelves and organization to our laundry room….I’ll put it on the list for next year. ;)

  8. hahaha! I love it! So funny and I like the color you picked too! I’m planning to re-do our laundry room this year so this gives me some ideas for decorating. and P.S. Your new blogging buddy is super cute too! ;)

  9. OMG! I absolutely love this! Thanks for the tutorial. I am in the midst of changing up my laundry room too and I think a sign like this would be perfect! Your pooch is adorable by the way!!

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