Gift Guide for Her

The internet tells me it’s gift guide time already! Yikes, I haven’t even started shopping for Christmas yet. It sounds like deliveries/supply chains are going to be a pain again this year. So I’ll throw my hat in the ring too with my gift giving lists. Let’s start off with my personal fave – The Gift Guide for Her, or well me. :)

This is a mix of things I have and LOVE, and also a few items I would be happy to find in my stocking this year.


gift guide images of gifts for women. Leggings, candles, mugs, cosmetics and clothing.

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Gift Guide for Her

1. Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet – I actually bought this bag about 5 years ago and I use it ALL the time. It’s roomy, reversible, and perfect for travel or work. Plus it’s at a great price point! I used it recently on our Colorado trip, and the X-ray belt somehow chewed it up. I can’t live without it, so I bought a new one in a different color way. I bought the deep brown with reversible cream interior, perfect for all 4 seasons.

2. Sur Necklace – I’ve had my beloved Atocha necklace from this same store for the last 4 years, and I still wear it almost every day. I think a monogrammed item is always a nice personal gift. I love the simple look of this initial necklace.

3. On Repeat Layering Set – I have a few layered necklaces in my jewelry rotation as well. I like buying them in a set because it’s no-brainer accessorizing in the morning. The details on this one are so delicate and pretty.

4. Open Front Duster Cardigan – Not gonna lie this cardigan was a late night Facebook ad that got me. I’d like to thank my insomnia for my new favorite sweater that I throw on with everything. It feels like a bathrobe, but creates an instant outfit. It’s perfect with jeans and boots.

5. All Nighter Lip Set – My mom recommended this lip mask last year and I’m now a believer too! This stuff saved my lips from the dry Colorado air on our recent trip so I know it will hold up against the Michigan winters. It’s so hydrating!

6. Garden Party Phone Case – My phone case has seen better days and I love to swap them out. A girl needs options! I love anything from Rifle and Co. and they have so many fun patterns for your phone.

7. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit – This is a new find for me. I think it’s such a cute idea for mom, teacher, or friend! It comes with everything you need to grow a little pot of flowers for your birth month.

8. Dagny Monogram Mug – It wouldn’t be a Lily Pad Cottage gift guide without a monogram Anthro mug! I get a new one every year, and I have quite a few in my rotation now.

9. Fur Slippers – Fuzzy slippers are always a good idea. These are a better price point than the Birkenstock or Uggs that are so popular.

10. Performance Joggers – These are my go to weekend wear. They take me from soccer mom duty to snuggling on the couch with a good book. They are comfortable without looking sloppy. These are the Mr.’s fave brand of joggers too.

11. Scallop Active Wear High Waisted Leggings – I bought a pair of these leggings this fall, and they are by far my favorite brand I’ve ever owned. I’ve owned them all – Lululemon, Athleta, Zella, American Eagle. These are the best, they are butter soft and stay put.

12. Thick Knit Beanie – I love Gigi and Pip hats. I have 4 now I think? They are reliably cute and cozy.

13. Leather Wrap Journal – I always have a pretty notebook on my nightstand to jot down random thoughts or prayers.

14. Capri Volcano Candle – These smell AMAZING. Hands down my favorite candle scent ever. The new matte finish is really cool.

15. Renew Transit Bag – I love this stye of bag for traveling, theme parks, and hiking. I forgot to pack one for our Colorado trip and I was kicking myself the entire time.

16. Cinched Cocoon Sherpa – This may be at the top of my list, it looks SO cozy. I typically buy a new sherpa every year and I love the full zip with the cinching on this one – so flattering!

Phew – Gift Guide for Her 2021 done! My kid’s guides and the Mr. guides, coming soon!

Gift Guide for Her - clothing, candles, mug, makeup for holiday gifts.


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  1. I always look forward to your gift guides! With a cup of tea and a candle lit, I’m enjoying this SO much! Looking forward to the kids guides! Sending Buffalove!!!

  2. Thank you for this list! We lucked out with three wonderful teachers for our kids this year. They work so hard and are so under appreciated, the reversible bag will make the perfect Christmas gift for them this year.

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