Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Ok, let’s get to the hardest person to buy for in the house – The Mr. He is the worst. Typically if there is something he wants, he will just buy it for himself, which makes gift buying tricky! I’m pretty darn proud of myself with this list because I put it together without his initial input. When I showed him, he immediately tried to add several of the items to his cart – ha! There are a few things he already has and loves, and like I mentioned a few he is hoping Santa drops off at our house. :)

Holiday Gift Guide for Men

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Holiday Gift Guide for Men

  1. Shinola Leather Apple Watch Strap – The Mr. is obsessed with his Apple watch, but since he bought it last year, he has been meaning to get a nicer band for it. This one is gorgeous and a bit of a splurge, but something he would never buy himself.
  2. Swees Leather Band – Here is a less expensive dupe that has great reviews too.
  3. Vuori Banks Shorts – The Mr. has been wearing the same running shorts since college and they were starting to fall apart. I love Vouri brand leggings for myself, so I upgraded his workout wardrobe with these shorts. He loves them and immediately had me buy another pair.
  4. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus – These are his absolute fave workout/running shoes of all time. They pull double duty out and about on the weekends with jeans and a hoodie as well.
  5. Air Pod Case – With The Mr. and I sharing an “office” aka the dining room, we both have AirPods in all day to drown each other out. The only problem is we routinely mix them up. He made a client call the other day and it started ringing in my ears – oops! This personalized case will keep him from grabbing mine…or a girl can dream anyway!
  6. Vuori Jeffreys Pullover – Working from home, his casual wardrobe has been in the mix more and his suits are mostly collecting dust in the closet. This pullover is nice enough for zoom meetings, but great for weekends too.
  7. Whiskey Wedge and Glass – If you follow me on Instagram, then you know The Mr. makes a mean cocktail. It has become his hobby while we are missing grabbing a drink out at night. These glasses are so cool! You pop them in the freezer to get a perfect ice wedge.
  8. Leather Phone Sticker Card Case – The Mr. currently has an old stick-on neoprene cardholder on his phone’s case that has seen better days. This would be a definite upgrade! He hasn’t used a wallet in a few years and finds this is so much more convenient.
  9. Cocktail Bitters Set – Again with the cocktails! His drink of choice is typically an Old-Fashioned and this collection of bitters would be fun to experiment with. Flavors include Citrus, Chili, Aromatic, Orange, and Ginger.
  10. Beer and Bourbon Nuts – A little something to soak up the bourbon. If you combine the whiskey glass, bitters, nuts, and a bottle of bourbon, it would make such a great gift basket for your husband, brother, or dad.
  11. AcuRite Weather Forecaster – We have had this weather station for a few years now and it’s great. The Mr. monitors it religiously to make sure the humidity levels are perfect in our house. I know, total nerd alert.
  12. Moleskine Notebook – He is constantly jotting down notes and has a few of these Moleskine notebooks floating around our house. I bought the bright red so he can find them easier. This theory has not helped him find the ketchup in the fridge, unfortunately. ;)
  13. Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath – I always share my book recommendations, but it occurred to me I should share some of his too! He is an avid reader as well, although he prefers more personal development and business-minded books. Books are always a good stocking stuffer, and this is one of his favorites. He actually has a whole PowerPoint on this book that he teaches at work, but I assured him my readers should be spared…
  14. No Rules Netlflix and the Culture of Reinvention by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer – He just finished this last week and really enjoyed it. It explores the distinct culture at Netflix and how it was designed to fuel innovation through talent density and leading with context vs. control…Can you tell the Mr. wrote that part? He had about 300 words written and I told him to condense it to a sentence. I tell you he is trying to take over around here!
  15. Ice Cube Tray – We have these molds that make giant ice cubes and we both love them. They melt slower so your drink doesn’t dilute as much, plus they just look really cool.

That’s all for my holiday gift guide for men, and concludes gift guide week here on the blog! I hope I didn’t burn you all out with holiday shopping. I actually set up my Christmas tree earlier this week. I plan on decking the halls this weekend, so stay tuned for Christmas content coming next week!

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  1. I would love to see the PowerPoint! If he feels like sharing, email it over 😀
    The bitters might go on my wish list…

  2. Love seeing this list! The weather station really caught my eye. We have one that might be 20-25 years old and is definitely showing it’s age. Whenever I’d start researching new ones I was always overwhelmed with the options. This one looks like it has all the data our current one has and the price is right!

  3. I can TOTALLY relate to my hubby buying the “perfect gift I have found for him” BEFORE Christmas comes. I can’t tell you how many years that has happened to me. I have to tell hims to stop buying things for himself in September so I have something to buy him for Christmas!!!! LOL

  4. This list gave me good ideas for husband, son, son-in-law, and step son.

    The boy list pointed my in the correct direction for my step grandchildren.

    I would love a Holiday Gift Guide for women. I have a daughter and step daughters all your age!

  5. I agree with Dori. There are some great ideas for my sons-in-law that I think would make them happy.Thanks for the list.

  6. This list really hits the spot for me because I always have trouble figuring out gifts for my son for Christmas and his January birthday. I’m sure that some of the items you listed would make him very happy! Thanks, Kelly. :)

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