Gift Guide For Teen Girl

My 13 year old daughter and her friend have been hard at work picking out fun things for this year’s gift guide. Teen girls can be one of the hardest groups to shop for because they have very specific taste. Especially when it comes to clothes. I’ve long since given up trying to surprise my daughter with clothing she will like. Instead, I focused on fun gifts, gadgets and cozy things.

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A bunch of gift ideas for teen girlsGift Guide For Teen Girls

  1. Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage – These are my daughters favorite sneakers of the moment. I have to admit I think they are completely adorable too. They look cute with jeans, leggings and even dresses.
  2. Personal Keurig – This is funnily enough the gift my daughter wants most! She loves the idea of keeping this in her room and making herself a hot chocolate or mocha in the morning. It comes in few fun colors too.
  3. Carhartt Knit Beanie – Love this lilac color! She has the teal color too.
  4. Jewelry Organizer – My daughter loves making and wearing jewelry, and this looks like a great way to keep her collection corralled.
  5. Rainbow Fuzzy Slippers – A new fun pair of slippers is always a great stocking stuffer. These come in a bunch of colors, but I personally love these rainbow ones.
  6. Charging Hub – My daughter has a million gadgets and charging chords in her room that drive me nuts as they are strewn about. I’m thinking this would be perfect for corralling them all.
  7. Casetify – My daughter loves these cases. They are cute, slim and keep her phone protected.
  8. Sling Bag – She loves this style bag when she is out with friends. It’s the perfect size for her phone, wallet and snack. The essentials! This one comes in all sorts of colors and patterns.
  9. Bluetooth Speaker – My daughter has music playing at all times and wanted a speaker she could use in the shower. My ears are on board with this ideas since otherwise she tends to just blast the one in her room to reach the bathroom.
  10. Pura Vida Star Necklace – Anything from Pura Vida is always a safe bet for my daughter. She has several of their pieces and they are so dainty and cute. These two pieces (this necklace and the bracelet below) are currently at the top of her wish list.
  11. Maui Charm Bracelet 
  12. Watercolor Brush Pens – These seem like all the fun of painting without all of the mess.
  13. Custom Tumbler – My teen’s nightstand always has at least four beverages of some sort of the other on it. Here’s hoping a personalized tumbler cuts down on the collection.
  14. The Comfy – We love to watch Shark Tank as a family and ever since we watched this episode, my kids have been wanting one of these.
  15. Sloth Eye Mask – A sweet sloth eye mask for the kid that likes to sleep til noon.
  16. Nike Leggings – Leggings and a large hoodie seem to be the early morning uniform these days. She loves these black nike leggings.
  17. Amped Fleece Throw – Urban Outfitters always has the softest blankets in pretty colors.
  18. Inflatable Lounger – This is right at the top of my daughter’s (and her friends’) list. She is envisioning chilling on the beach with a good book on this lounger. Come to think of it, this might need to go on my list too!

Gift Guide for Teen Girls - cozy blankets, eye mask, clothes, jewelry, gadgets

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  1. I picked out 3 gifts from your teen girls list that I need to get ordered. All 3 selections are for. . . . . ME! Such great choices. Just call me young at heart, I guess.😊

  2. Wow, I think this is the best teen girl’s gift guide that I’ve seen, so many fun things. Kudos to your daughter for coming up with it!!

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