Holiday Boys Gift Guide 9-12

If you knew how seriously my son took this holiday gift guide assignment you would feel very confident about your kiddo loving these ideas. He has scoured the internet for the coolest stuff he could find. Read every online review, and watched countless youtube videos. He is quite the market researcher! So without further ado, here is this year’s Holiday Boys Gift Guide for 9-12 year olds. Side note: there is obviously some wiggle room in this age group, but he is 11.

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Boys Gift Guide ages 8-10



  1. Sled Legs Wearable Sled Snow Sleds – It already snowed here in Michigan last week and my son loves to go sledding. These look like pure torture for my old lady knees, but they look awesome for 9-year-old boys. Basically you strap them to your knees, take a running leap, and slide! No carrying a heavy sled back up the hill.
  2. RC Stunt Car with Gesture Sensor – My son broke his wrist this summer which was a major bummer for summer activities. My dad really saved the day by buying him this car! It has a regular controller, but also a gesture sensor control that straps to your hand to control the car. Perfect for when you only have one working hand. This car was such a hit that my parents are buying my 6-year-old nephew one too! We have had a few RC cars, but this one is by far the best and has lasted the longest.
  3. The Science Book, Everything you Need to Know About the World and How it Works – I think that title says it all – ha! My son LOVES facts/info and wants to know everything about everything. He has a lot of these National Geographic books and is excited to add this one to his collection.
  4. Magic Penny Magnet Kit – My son’s love of magnets started with Magna-Tiles when he was younger, and they continue to fascinate him. This kit looks so cool. It comes with two extremely strong magnets and 32 pennies. You can make all sorts of sculptures and patterns with them, and it includes a booklet of ideas.
  5. Harry Potter Bathrobe – My son is obsessed with Harry Potter (you could probably tell by all the Harry Potter items on this guide) and this bathrobe is so fun. A cozy bathrobe is his uniform on winter weekends, and he can’t wait to wear this one while building Legos.
  6. Hogwarts Whomping Willow Lego Set – Continuing on with the Harry Potter theme…my son has a few of the Harry Potter sets, and they all reside on his bookshelves. He wants to set this one up right next to his Hogwarts Castle.
  7. Dyad Twist – This is a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s sort of like a Rubik’s cube/brain game. It comes with a booklet with over 30 puzzles to solve. I’m planning on keeping this in the car for long car rides.
  8. Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit – I think the Mr. may have been more excited about this one than my son. Basically you attach this little battery charged propeller to any paper airplane you make and watch it fly!
  9. Marbleocity Skate Park – My son loves to build things. Bonus points if it moves, and is something you can play with afterward. This kit enables you to build a really cool marble run with gears and moving parts.
  10. RC Robot – Again this looks super fun to build, and you end up with a functioning robot when you are done. My son can’t wait to be old enough to join the robotics team, so I figure this is a good entry point. Bonus he can take it apart when he is done, and try to build his own creations.
  11. Harry Potter Clue – Clue has always been a family favorite game for us, but our Clue board has seen better days. This is a fun upgrade!
  12. Kicking Training Device – My son loves to play soccer, and he is bummed the fall season is over (this freezing soccer mom is not, ha). This training device is a great way for him to keep practicing his kicks, without having to chase his ball down. This is a bit on the pricier side, but anything that will get him outside for a bit after school is worth the extra money in my mind.

I think that’s it for my Holiday Boys Gift Guide 8-10 this year. You can check out my gift guides from last year  for more ideas! Oh and if you missed my Tween Girl Gift Guide you can find that here too. Happy shopping!

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  1. Thanks so much the penny and paper airplane look so fun. Nice to have ideas that are not electronics.

  2. Just purchased the Magic Penny Magnet Kit for our grandson for Christmas, tell your son Thanks for the great suggestions. :)

  3. I for one really appreciate his dedication to this task, and all the great ideas presented! Have already purchased a few!! Thanks for the great suggestions!!

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