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Lake House Basement Family Room

Popping in with a little lake house basement family room update today! If you’ve been following along for a while, you know we have new furniture upstairs. So, everything upstairs came downstairs in a little round of musical chairs.

Lake House Basement Family living room terra-cotta rug grey chair and leather dining chairs

Just like musical chairs, there were a few that didn’t make the cut. Specifically, the beloved white armchairs from my mom that I have had several hundred requests for the source (she had them made years ago at a local shop so sorry I can’t help you out.) They just weren’t working out in this space. They were way too formal, and not practical for my kids to use every day.

Lake House Basement Family living room terra-cotta rug grey chair and leather dining chairs

I moved one into our master bedroom, and the other went to my brother’s house for his daughter’s room. So, they are getting yet another new lease on life.

Six Penny Home Furniture Neva Chair in Ink Cap

The hunt began for something to replace the chairs! I was looking for a less formal, comfy oversized chair that would be great for movie nights or curling up with a good book.

Six Penny Home Furniture Neva Chair in Ink Cap

Sixpenny Home asked to partner with me to share their furniture. I was so excited because the Neva chair was exactly what I had been looking for.

Lake House Basement family room terra-cotta vintage style rug grey furniture

Oversized. Super comfy. And slipcovered in case we have any mishaps. Although the fabric I chose is dry clean recommended, it’s nice to know that’s an option for any major stains.

Lake House Basement family room terra-cotta vintage style rug grey furniture

This chair is available in a ton of fabric options, but I wanted a little darker tone to camouflage dirt. I went with the Lightweight Linen option in the color Ink Cap. I love the casual vibe of the linen, and the color is a nice contrast to the new carpet.

Lake House family room walkout basement

It’so comfy my kids are trying to convince me we need to buy the matching couch! If I have to break up one more fight over who’s turn it is to sit in the chair,  I might just do that! ;)

Lake House Basement family room terra-cotta vintage style rug grey furniture

Whoever does finally claim the coveted throne as their own will have to share with Charlie. He has officially claimed it as his designated napping spot, but he will begrudgingly share…provided you rub his tummy.

Six Penny linen chair

You can check out all the great furniture at Sixpenny here. They have a lot of beautiful options to choose from. The ordering process was simple, delivery was fast, and the white glove service was an added bonus.

Lake House family room walkout basement

Things are still a work in progress down here. I still need some side tables, a lamp, and a few more accessories before I complete the space. I’m also thinking of going with a coffee table rather than an ottoman. I thought an ottoman would be practical for the kids. However they keep spilling snacks on it all the time, so I’m thinking a hard surface coffee table may be the way to go. I love how cozy it is down here with the new chair, and it’s been a great rainy day hangout space for our family!

Lake House Basement Family Room

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  1. This room is pure perfection!!! Just gorgeous. Love everything in it. Asking for link or info for ottoman. Is that white? If so, color you chose.

    Thank you !!!!! You are an inspiration

  2. So beautiful!!! Can you tell me the name of the rug? I’m from Canada so I want to see if I can find the same one on the Canadian wayfair site.

  3. The color ink cap looks a lot darker in the website… Is the color IRL a little more blue than it is gray?

    1. We love it! We have heated floors down there though so it feels very cozy in the winter. They like having their own space down there and I like having the main floor stay tidy all the time.

  4. Love the canoe paddles! Looking to do the same thing over a large sofa. Where did u find the rack for them??

  5. What kind of windows do you have? Are they casement? Do they open? What are the dimensions & brand?? Love all the light & openness they provide.

  6. Love, love, love this room! Would you have the make and color of the inset carpet? It looks like the perfect light neutral. Thanks so much!

  7. Where can I get a cute pooch like that?
    Just kidding!

    Love the look – very unpretentious and comfortable

  8. Would you mind sharing this room wall and trim color? I just found your blog and I love it!

  9. Beautiful ..if there is room…I sure would be good for my own chair like that..?

  10. I’d like to curl up in that chair!! Looks very comfy. Question – does your area rug “walk”, being on top of the jute carpet like it is?

  11. Loving this chair. It seems to be blue, but the sample on the web site looks more gray. Which is it? You did a great job.

    1. It’s definitely a blueish gray more on the gray side though. You can order fabric samples to get a better feel!

  12. I love this chair !!! I will definitely be purchasing a six penny chair !! Did you go with the down or poly fill ?? Btw, love your style?

  13. Before I saw the picture of your daughter reading in the chair – I told myself that is exactly where I would land each time – dog and all!! Great job – looks amazing!

  14. Simply beautiful as always. Would you be able to share your wall paint color? Also do you have a resource for me the larger cream rug? We are on the hunt for something similar for our MI lake house as well. Much appreciated!

    1. The rug is actually carpet that has been inset into our wood floors and the wall color is agreeable gray – thanks!

  15. Love the new chair ! And the color you’ve brought it down there !
    Yes I have to agree with kids the Ottomans become just a hard to clean table.
    So I have one question …. with the fabulous lower level /basement, Where do you keep all of your cleaning supplies like your vacuum cleaner mops etc. I don’t see any ‘rough’ storage places in your house . It seems as every square inch is beautiful ! I need to know your secret .

    1. Hey Debbie we actually have a large cabinet in our laundry room where I keep cleaning supplies as well as a closet in my daughters bathroom where I keep supplies too! Thanks!

  16. That chair is so fun! I love the colors that are developing down there – you have such a gift for design. I switched to a glass coffee table after one too many beverage dribbles but have you seen the clear acrylic tables? I don’t know how easily they scratch but they sure are cute. Thanks for the basement update, Kelly, and enjoy your summer.

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