Valentine Treats – Rice Krispy Pops

I know, I know, I’m a bit early with Valentine Treats, but we are running on 2 snow days in a row after 2 weeks of winter break from school and we are starting to go a little nuts with cabin fever. So, of course my answer is to keep my munchkins busy cooking in the kitchen. Ever since I made these Rice Krispy pops for my girlies birthday last year, a rice krispie treat is just not complete as a boring square. It must be a fun shape, on a stick, with sprinkles to boot!


A close up of food


So I thought why not a Valentine’s day version?


A close up of a cake on a plate, with Sprinkles and Cookie


These are a cinch to make. Make a pan of treats (follow the directions on the back of your marshmallow bag or cereal box) and place in a 9 x 13 pan. Use a heart cookie cutter to cut them out, I find it’s best to do this when they are still slightly warm so you can shape them a little if need be.

A close up of a doughnut


Then have your kids go to town with some fun valentine sprinkles, or in our case leftover Christmas cookie sprinkles. Again, the treats need to be slightly sticky still for the sprinkles to stick. Pop a stick in the bottom and you are done!


A girl wearing a pink hat


You could wrap these in cute little cellophane bags and hand them out at school or they would be great for a party too!

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