Gray Tween Boy Bedroom

In typical me fashion I shared this gray tween boy bedroom mood board last spring…and never shared the actual bedroom! We finally agreed on the wall art and finishing touches, so it’s ready for it’s debut.

bedroom with gray walls and navy bedding

We hadn’t really touched this bedroom since we moved here when he was 5. My son just started middle school so it was definitely time for an update. He still loved the Functional Gray wall color, but it was time for a more mature vibe.

bedroom with gray walls blue and red bedding

We started with this new upholstered queen size bed plus bedding to kick off the room.

boys bedroom with wall map and gray walls

Next we changed out his rug for this checked one. It was pretty controversial to put a white rug in a boy’s room, but this one has cleaned up really well so far.

wall world map with bulletin board on gray wall

We also swapped out his pirate ship wall art with a world map. He loves to travel and New Zealand is on his bucket list, hence the flag. I added the bulletin board so he could add photos of his friends, soccer medals, and other collectables.

boys bedroom with walnut bookcase and navy armchair

Besides soccer and travel, one of his favorite hobbies is reading. His book collection was getting a bit out of control, so we added more storage for him with this beautiful walnut bookcase.

gray bedroom walls with walnut shelves and navy chair

With the new bookcase we opted for a smaller chair that swivels. Now he can take in the lake view, or prop his feet up on the ottoman and enjoy a good book.

Boys gray and navy bedroom with bookshelves and desk

We swapped his desk with a larger walnut one with storage, and moved it to this wall.

gray bedroom walls with walnut desk and floating bookshelves

The floating bookshelves and wall art tied everything together in his little office area.

desk area with lamp and globe and wall art
Floating bookshelves and desk

Blackout curtains became a must have addition to the room this summer – my early bird boy suddenly became a sleepy teen! I love the coziness it adds to the space.

Boys bedroom with bookshelves and navy chair

A few pops of leather add to the masculine library/travel feel we were going for.

boys bedroom with gray walls and walnut desk

He told me “all I’m missing is a mini-fridge and I could live here forever!” so I’d say he likes the new updates. :)

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