Teen Girl Bedroom Design

We refreshed my daughter’s bedroom a bit this summer. In fact, we actually started last summer, but never really finished. It’s finally ready for it’s debut today!

bedroom with teal green walls and white desk and shelves

First up, we changed the walls. You may remember the color blocked wall treatment she had before. She was ready to switch that up. Luckily I had leftover paint, and it only took me about an hour to just carry the color all the way to the ceiling.

azores green walls with white upholstered bed and artwork

Now that she is in high school she wanted a larger desk, book storage, and a vanity area to get ready. I wrapped all three into one by purchasing a desk and two sets of bookshelves. I zip-tied them together so everything stays put. Hanging a mirror in the middle provided that vanity feeling she was looking for.

Bedroom design with white desk and bookshelves

Now she has lots of storage for all her collections, photos, jewelry etc…

white desk and shelves with upholstered pink chair
white bookshelves styled with photos and books

Her wood bed was beautiful, but unfortunately the back slats broke when a friend jumped on it. She wanted something a little cozier this time around, so I found this upholstered bed.

bedroom with green teal walls and upholstered bed

I love that the bottom pulls out for extra storage beneath the bed. It always drove me nuts to see her shoes under the bed and now they are all hidden away.

Girl bedroom design with upholstered bed

The new bed really makes this space feel a little more grown up and luxe. We added some new throw pillows to add to the cozy vibe.

Striped throw pillows paired with a ikat pattered pillow
White and cream bedding with teal walls bedroom.

We also swapped out her lamps for these wicker ones. I love the bit of texture they add.

Wicker lamp sitting on white nightstand

This rug used to be in our basement family room, but it was a bit too small. It was just sitting in our storage room and it fit perfectly here. The colors are so pretty with the color of her walls.

Teen girl bedroom with teal walls and patterned rug

Oh, and we added the same drapes we used in the guest cottage to match the softness of the new bed.

Bedroom with teal walls, upholstered bed, and drapes

Just a few easy swaps but it feels like a brand new space!

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